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841st played so far Genre: Action/Platform Platform: Playstation 2 Year of Release: 2004 Developer: Sucker Punch Productions Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment The Sly series is another one where we have a big gap between the two games of the series. We played Sly Cooper about nine years ago, as part of a collection of games […]

#763 GrimGrimoire

Posted: 24th January 2020 by Jeroen in Games
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840th played so far Genre: Strategy Platform: Playstation 2 Year of Release: 2007 Developer: Vanillaware/Nippon Ichi Publisher: Nippon Ichi/NIS America/Koei With GrimGrimoire, I continue my exploration of strategy games on the console. While a game like Halo Wars draws on the RTS genre, it looks like GrimGrimoire draws more on the likes of Dungeon Keeper, […]

#412 Mr. Driller

Posted: 20th January 2020 by Jeroen in Games
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839th played so far Genre: Puzzle Platform: Arcade Year of Release: 1999 Developer: Namco Publisher: Namco As the last of this batch of Dreamcast games (for now – the real last one of the batch needs some more time to play), Mr. Driller has always reminded me of early list game Drill Dozer – drilling […]

838th played so far Genre: Action Platform: Arcade/Dreamcast Year of Release: 1998 Developer: Sega AM 2 Publisher: Sega I think today’s game has one of the longest titles on the list, as well as one that has some of the more random words thrown together – I don’t expect tangrams to feature at all in […]

#448 Power Stone 2

Posted: 12th January 2020 by Jeroen in Games
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837th played so far Genre: Fighting Platform: Dreamcast Year of Release: 2000 Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom I haven’t played many Dreamcast games recently, in part because I have to go out and retrieve it from semi storage (the bedroom TV) and connect it to a TV that is too new to handle aerial connections gracefully. […]

836th played so far Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up Platform: Nintendo DS Year of Release: 2007 Developer: WayForward Technologies Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainments Contra III was a pretty standard run and gun game, with some level based enhancements that made it stand out, but ultimately existing in a genre that doesn’t appeal to me. Contra 4 […]

835th played so far Genre: First-Person Shooter Platform: PC/Playstation 3/Xbox 360 Year of Release: 2009 Developer: Monolith Productions Publisher: Warner Bros. Games Bringing in another sequel, we return to the world of F.E.A.R., an FPS with a horror-based story that we played about a year ago that was effective in its story telling, but didn’t […]