Epic Acquisition of the N64 Variety

Posted: 4th January 2011 by Mulholland in Acquisition

Anyone who has given our demented task about 15 seconds thought (which was probably about 12 more than we did in the beginning) will realise that unless we stumbled across a couple of gold bricks buried in the back garden (we live in hope) we would need to garner the help of our *coughmycough* friends.

In the fashion befitting a genius of the Nintendo variety my good friend Kat quickly answered our non-existent call and has let us borrow a large pile of games (with a second batch to be borrowed around Easter time). I mean look at the treasure trove below!

Amongst this pile is nearly half (that’s right people) of all the Nintendo 64 games featured on the list. This includes Super Mario 64, Goldeneye 007, Banjo Kazooie and Lylat Wars (aka Star Fox 64). We also received three games from the Final Fantasy franchise for the PS1 as well as the original Metal Gear Solid and the Gamecube exclusive The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Our cups truly runneth over *drools*… excuse me.

Because of the rather time-sensitive nature of these games we will be prioritising these over other games we had scheduled to play (sorry fans of Second Sight you will have to wait a little longer). However, when you see the sheer amount of gaming history classics available in this rather neat pile organised by yours truly can you really blame us?

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