Epic Acquisition of the Televisual Variety

Posted: 25th January 2011 by Mulholland in Acquisition

Isn’t it beautiful! As you are likely to notice a change in the quality (or lack thereof) of our screenshots I thought it would be best to announce our brand new television.

This was not an extreme impulse buy (maybe a little bit) since my previous television was at least 10 years old and it had begun to have colour burns appearing at random intervals. I guess it helps that Jeroen is now earning money so we (and by we I mean he) can afford to buy one. I guess this may sound weird but I do keep saying how I will pay my half of the price when I eventually get a job so he can stop referring to it as his television rather than ours.  This may be a personal thing…. but I guess that after weeks of job hunting with no responses you do begin to feel a bit of a sponger.

It is an awesome television though. Great to watch David Attenborough on!