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Epic Acquisition of the N64 Variety

Posted: 4th January 2011 by Mulholland in Acquisition

Anyone who has given our demented task about 15 seconds thought (which was probably about 12 more than we did in the beginning) will realise that unless we stumbled across a couple of gold bricks buried in the back garden (we live in hope) we would need to garner the help of our *coughmycough* friends. […]

#650 Meteos

Posted: 3rd January 2011 by Mulholland in Games
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15th game played so far Genre: Puzzle Platform: Nintendo DS Year of Release: 2005 Developer: Q Entertainment Publisher: Nintendo and Bandai Most puzzle games are hard to describe, no story, gameplay that doesn’t make sense outside of the puzzle, and just general weirdness… but here goes nothing. Meteos is a puzzle game where blocks fall […]