360 Goes To Frankfurt?

Posted: 15th March 2011 by Mulholland in Annoyance

Yay my new 360 is so shiny! Yay! Yay? Oh…. crap.

That’s right readers my new Xbox is already having troubles even though it is only two and a half weeks old. In short the disk drive is already shot with it first being unable to eject our Lego Star Wars disc (is it bloody jinxed or something!) so we followed the solution on the official website… after which it still didn’t eject and in fact could no longer read any disc we put into it… ARGH!

To give Microsoft (and UPS) their credit since my 360 was still under warrenty (as you would hope after only 18 days of gameplay) I was able to get it sent off for repairs with UPS within 24 hours. The only cost being the box to ship it in and a new black ink printer cartridge. So as I write this my beloved console has been whisked away to the repair centre in Frankfurt and will apparently not be back for about a month… I hope it’s sooner than that to be honest. I really want to play Prototype!