50 Game Round Up: 1-50 (Peter)

Posted: 2nd May 2011 by Mulholland in Round-Up

Wow, I can not believe that we have already reached 50 games. If you would like this in more of a context that means we have now played 1 in every 20 games which does sound a little bit more impressive… so let’s stick with that.

Since 5% seems like a nice value to use to perform some form of round-up we decided that this would be something for us to do. It means that not only can we cast our minds back and do a little bit of reflection but also (to those who come into this blog late) you can get some nice link backs to previous games we have covered.

Best Game I Had Not Previously Played

It was one of the first games we covered but Bayonetta wins hands down as the best game covered so far. It had been sitting in my collection for a while before I got round to it for the sake of the blog since I fell in love with the trailers and the overall concept. Capcom found a way to make this game suitably epic as you fight your way through hordes of rather twisted looking angels using guns, swords and (my personal favourite) a chainsaw. I think I gushed enough when we first reviewed it but I would definitely call it an essential title for the 360.

The fact that this was seventh game we covered does not mean all games that game after it were a monumental let down. Other notable games that came close to being  named the best include Peggle, Quadradius and DJ Hero.

Worst Game

Ummm….yea. Little Computer People was just plain awful. It was said to be a bit of a Marmite game when in fact it played more like tar. I can not imagine a game we are about to cover that would end up being worse than this… seriously.

Most Surprising Game

The title of the most surprising game just HAS to go to Introversion’s Uplink. The fact that a game had been made which attempted to mimic the art of computer hacking is interesting enough… that it was carried off in such a sleek and involving fashion is astonishing.

Other great games where I was surprised at how much fun they were included the RPG Baldur’s Gate II (I can just hear Jeroen cheering), The Last Express and the addictive strategy game Quadradius.

Games I Want To Get Back To

The game which has inspired the most play after their blog entry has been completed is, without a doubt, Lego Star Wars. Despite the fact that is has broken my Xbox a few times it has remained the most played game of the first 50.

However, other games have inspired further delving on my own steam. The games Drop 7, Bayonetta, Quadradius and Second Sight have all been played after we finished writing their posts… but they will probably never surpass the amount of playtime I have previously invested in SSX Tricky and Timesplitters 2. Both of those have been staple games for me over the years and will always remain dear to me.