Another Kat-Based Acquisition!

Posted: 6th May 2011 by Mulholland in Acquisition

I am so lucky to have a friend like Kat who is not just an avid Nintendo-based gamer but ALSO is happy to lend out sections of her gaming collection to help us along our way into completing the 1001 list.

Since she studies law there is a brief window where we are able to meet and exchange games, stories and frozen pizza fingers.

As with the previous batch of games we received from her we will be prioritising these above many other games in the list… but considering the wide variety of titles we got here there will not be much of a problem. Such games include The Orange Box, Sonic Adventure, No More Heroes, Shadow Of The Colossus, Final Fantasy XII and Luigi’s Mansion. See what I mean now? Personally I am most looking forward to replaying Portal… I just hope my laptop is up to it.

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