56th game played so far

Genre: Fighting
Platform: Various
Year of Release: 1992
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

Some game franchises have so many entries in this list that to not include one of them in the first 100 games would end up with a mad dash to the finish line. Granted we have already covered plenty of games in the Mario, Zelda and Final Fantasy but we figured it was time to fast track the Street Fighter series.

Our Thoughts

So here’s the first game in this series of major 2D fighters, something that used to be huge in the arcades. Then again the arcades have not exactly been as popular in the last decade or so… with the exception of the Dance Dance Revolution machines which always seem to be packed. Absolutely, with what’s available on the PCs and online these days, arcades can’t really compete anymore. Consoles killed the arcade star.

This is definitely true with fighting games. Whilst there are some who have their own customised retro-joystick to play fighting games with there is a lot to be said for using a 360 controller or any other sort of console controller for that matter. Once Sony were able to perfect the Dual Analog sticks… then all bets were off. Add to that the technology of consoles constantly improving, meaning that the arcade machines could no longer really provide the better graphics, sounds and other experiences that it offered over older consoles.

With that said, this game has so many editions and arrived on so many consoles after its original arcade release that it doesn’t matter much here. Absolutely, Street Fighter II has received six remakes for the arcade. Using subtitles that feature combinations of the words ‘hyper’, ‘turbo’, ‘world’ and ‘fighting’. Today’s game, Street Fighter II Turbo – Hyper Fighting, was the third of these releases. We will be covering the downloadable Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Purple Monkey Dishwasher at some point. I can only roll my eyes upwards at that title.

You have to admire Capcom for their ability to flog this horse until all is left is gristle and bone powder. I guess the main thing we need to mention is how this version of the game is set apart from those which came before it.


The main, and most noticeable, way they did this was by increasing the speed of game play. Also they added in some special moves (such as fireballs and hadoukens) which have become staples of the series. Absolutely true. This version was mostly created to move against pirates, who created modified versions of the original Street Fighter II that had similar goals. It plays like it. As said, it’s made a faster game, this certainly is a fast game. It was, in fact, quite disorienting sometimes, and didn’t give you much time. Not helped by the first enemy in story mode possibly being one of the most difficult ones. A tank with horrid attacks. Part of it is that you obviously need to learn the combos, while you don’t immediately get a lot of time for that.

I guess the best way to play this game is with a friend. It’s the same with all fighting games to be honest as you can play as every single character in different combinations and there is not the annoying ‘you lose… continue?’ voice which pokes fun at you when you get set on fire. It’s also a lot more fun beating each other up and putting in your own trash talk.

Of course, if you want to take over in story mode because you can do better, just challenge the other player to a duel and win to take over. Yes, that got annoying after a while. Then again it’s worse in an arcade when a stranger uses it to steal your go… yes that happened to me before at an ice rink with a game of Virtua Fighter. Better to play at home then.

Final Thoughts

Seeing how fighting games really have gome a long long way since then it it has really made me want to invest in a copy of Super Street Fighter IV. Also… I think I may be the only one really looking forward to BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger… TO EBAY!!! *cape swishes*

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