A Series Of Open Letters To Those Who Made This Possible

Posted: 14th August 2011 by Mulholland in Acquisition

For the last 2-3 years I have been eyeing up a Playstation 3 and I have been finally able to get my hands on one as well as some damned awesome games. However instead of boasting I want to thank those who have made this possible.

Dear Gamestation,

Thank you so much for your competitive prices. The fact that I was able to get this second hand PS3 with 120GB hard drive and 5 games (4 awesome, 1 not so much) for under £300 made a Playstation 3 a viable option for me. I only wish you would employ me… I now need the money and I know I would be great selling games to the masses.

Dear Matthew Turner,

We were never great friends whilst in university but you were the one who let me have a good go on the PS3 and helped me fall for it in a big way. Also, since you were so nice that you let me play on it when you were in your Maths lectures resulting in me joining the PSN 3 years ago I have been able to benefit from their recent crapstorm and download free copies of Wipeout HD and a Ratchet & Clank game.

I doubt you will ever see this or that we’ll speak again, but thank you.

Dear Mum,

Thanks for telling me to treat myself after a year of unemployment and other such awfulness. I mean I’ve gained weight and probably eaten enough chocolate to eat an Olympic sized swimming pool in order to cope with 9-5 job hunting but I would like to think that this little bit of reckless spending will really make the difference in cheering me up. I only hope that, by the time this post has gone up, I will actually have something in the pipeline so that I can become the Biology teacher I want to.

and finally…

Dear JobCentre,

I have been with you for months and feel I could probably be with you on a first name sans Plus basis. I would like to assure you that a sizable amount of money that you have given me has gone on job attempts. Such expenses including new job interview related clothing, books on interview and CV technique and an ever-increasing amount of travel expenses.

But since I have felt unable to go out and treat myself for 6 months on the trot… well I guess money tends to accumulate if left alone. Either way, thank you and I will be thinking of you when I am tearing the city apart with my inFAMOUS related electrical powers. Such fun.

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