#1001 Alien Zombie Death

Posted: 11th July 2014 by Jeroen in Games
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347th played so far

Alien-Zombie-Death_dl_PSNboxart_160wGenre: Shoot Em Up
Platform: PSP
Year of Release: 2010
Developer: PomPom Games
Publisher: PomPom Games

After the release of the list’s second edition, 20 games were removed, with twelve of them unplayed so far. For completeness and because we wanted to try some of them, we decided to still play these twelve, but with shorter or changed write-ups. Today the fifth game – Alien Zombie Death

Now this is weird, as the new edition messed with our plans here. As you can tell by the number, this game was the original final game on the list. The plan was to play it as the final game, or something like that, so the last game on the list is actually the final one played, but that’s obviously no longer an option for this game, both because of the expanded list and because we want to finish the removed games.

 To be honest, I can sort of see why – it was at the end of the book due to recency, but when playing it’s mostly a shooter as there are more around, with some different iOS controls. Most of it is jumping and walking around the levels, while enemies attack in patterns dependent on the area. You’re judged by endurance – the longer you survive, the more you kill and the more points you get, the faster levels unlock.

It’s pretty decent, active shoot ’em up fun, with the usual heavy shooting and keeping up with plenty of enemies. The usual powerup apply – multiple shots, homing missiles and so on – as well as the out of field bonuses and such. It’s good, but mostly familiar from other games. The different level setup is nice, but it’s something I feel I’ve seen before. Worth getting as an iOS shoot ’em up, but not necessarily the best example of the genre.