#753 Crysis

Posted: 23rd December 2015 by Jeroen in Games
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Genre: First Person Shooter
Platform: PC
Year of Release: 2007
Developer: Crytek Frankfurt
Publisher: Electronic Arts

I’ll be honest, I don’t have that much affinity with Crysis. I’ve obviously seen it on lists before and come across it, but it never really struck a chord with me.

Reading about it, it sounds like Halo – we have futuristic space suits that enhance human capabilities, and you go around to discover more about an alien artifact. Sure, you’re now still on Earth, but the links seem to be there.

Our Thoughts

Crysis is an interesting one. I struggle with open world FPS games from time to time, not entirely used to it, but I feel like in the last few years, I have gotten better at them. Sometimes I still struggle with them, however.

I’m not sure what happened here though. A little while in, when first facing a larger group, I got overwhelmed. This happens early on, entering a camp I seemingly can’t sneak up to, can’t accurately snipe while having enemies fire at me and having this really unfair motor boat crossing the lake… Yeah, I probably approached it wrong, but I couldn’t see another way.

I resolved most of this by stealing a car and running away, which seemed like a great strategy, except for those that followed. A lot of sneaking got me away from them, with them calming down and no longer chasing me. Even so, my preferred sneaking strategy wasn’t the easiest to pull off.

Anyway, the idea behind Crysis is pretty interesting. To enhance the soldier’s abilities, the army has given you a special suit to wear that makes you stronger, faster or stealthy, but only one at a time. It makes for some nice mix of strategic abilities, with them sharing a power meter it becomes a strategic situation.

Most impressive is how interactive the game and its environments are. Everything responds to your shots, at times falling apart or moving around. It seems to allow far more of this than many other games. Your super strength helps as well, throwing the same items around.

Final Thoughts

Crysis is a good game. Its issues are mostly all mine, never completely coming to grips with how it works. There’s a lot to like that’s coming up, with a story that becomes more interesting later on.

It just felt like it started a bit harder out of the gate than it needed to be, with the protection mechanics with high numbers of enemies triggering a bit too soon for someone trying to figure out how it all works.