#427 ISS Pro Evolution

Posted: 26th October 2016 by Jeroen in Games
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Genre: Sports
Platform: Playstation
Year of Release: 1999
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami

ISS Pro Evolution is another football game. See FIFA 10 or Pro Evolution Soccer or Sensible World of Soccer – in fact, this is a predecessor of the second in that list. Being from 1999, it feels like it’ll sit at an interesting spot – before the yearly sequel thing happened, but after the switch from sprites to 3D, allowing for more intricate graphics work – at least in theory, but for sports games it feels like it matters.

Our Thoughts

To be honest, while playing the game did seem to sit in that sort of sweet spot as well. New enough to have a more comprehensible gameplay, but not too new to get too detailed and technical. It’s easy enough to pick up and start playing without doing too badly straight away. I still wasn’t a master, but I managed to score an occasional goal. It felt simpler.

I mean, that was still within the confines of a football game, but I was enjoying the game mor ethan any other, and that counts fo rsomething. It looks better and plays better without getting tricky.

And despite its age, the game doesn’t look quite as old. I guess these games don’t need much detail to work, and newer games might have overdone their focus on this.

Final Thoughts

No major tutorials needed, no big stories, but it all looks and feels incomprehensible. Again, possibly the best football game in the bunch.