557th played so far


Genre: Racing
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Year of Release: 2007
Developer: SCE Studio Liverpool
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

I must admit, I’m quite surprised we’re at the third of the four Wipeout games already, after we played the first Wipeout and Wipeout HD. They’re fun games, but so, so difficult to keep up with.

Wipeout Pulse has been a frustrating game to obtain. In trying to get it, I believe we bought three copies of Wipeout Pure, another PSP Wipeout game that isn’t on the list and turns out to be quite a bit more common… At least we eventually nailed it.

Our Thoughts

Wipeout Pulse is both a lot of fun and difficult. I didn’t quite make it past the first few rounds before I gave up in frustration. That’s just as much my fault, I can’t quite keep up with the speed of the game.

I also can’t say that I can’t notice many changes from the other games. The graphics are better than the original Playstation game, I’m sure there’s some powerup changes, but it plays mostly the same. I understand there’s more gravity bending, similar to Mario Kart 8, but it wasn’t as noticeable.

Which is fine, it just doesn’t leave me with much to say. Does that mean it shouldn’t be on the list? As an example of this style of the genre, it does. But really, it is a Wipeout game.

Final Thoughts

Wipeout Pulse is a big, flashy game. It’s a good Wipeout game… but doesn’t add much new to the franchise. That’s fine, it just leaves me with little to add.