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Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up/Music
Platform: Playstation 3/Playstation Portable/PC
Year of Release: 2007
Developer: Queasy Games
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Time for another twinstick shooter, this one with a musical bend (again, we’re catching up on some music games here). It’s meant to generate music based on what you shoot during the game.

Our Thoughts

Everyday Shooter doesn’t feel like a big game. As a shooter, it’s interesting to a point – there is some variety in the enemies, with big things that stick arround and require plenty of shots, as well as a lot of bullet hell style waves.

And if it wasn’t for the music, it feels like that’s all it would be. Nothing notable really, in my mind. I’m not sure it even looks that inspiring.

It’s the music that makes this interesting. Like, say, Chime or Lumines, your actions on the playing field changes the music that plays, in this case modifying it based on the enemies you hit. It makes for an interesting effect, creating more meaningful effects and giving additional feedback on your actions.

Final Thoughts

Maybe it’s because I feel I’ve played enough of these shooters by now, or maybe it’s because this one just wasn’t as memorable, but Everyday Shooter didn’t leave me with a great impression – certainly not a game I’d rush back to. I enjoyed it fine, I suppose, but wouldn’t necessarily seek it out again. It’s a bit too minimalist for my taste.

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