#629 Battlefield 2

Posted: 1st April 2017 by Jeroen in Games
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591st played so far


Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platform: PC
Year of Release: 2005
Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE
Publisher: EA Games

It’s a quick return to the Battlefield series. At the time of writing the first game hasn’t been published on here yet, showing the quick turnaround. Aside from being a long series, however, it’s also a set of FPS games I wanted to see more of.

The second (main) game in the series is set in modern times, rather than WWII like the previousg ame discussed. It might work, we’ll see.

Our Thoughts

So aisde from the setting, this game doesn’t feel noticeably different from its predecessor – an incremental upgrade like you might get with the FIFA type sports games. Of course, as a game that is, in effect, focused on multiplayer, changes aren’t necessarily massive – more than just adding maps, but not something that necessarily wants to mess with the formula too much.

Now, there are some changes here. Having a commander and squads seems like it’s new, although mainly playing single player, it didn’t make a big difference to how I played. It just made it feel like I should have more power than I actually had.

But beyond that, my notes mostly ask what’s different. Probably mostly better graphics – the ragdolls in particular seem to have stood out – but nothing that affected me getting into the game more. If anything, considering how much of it repeated the earlier game, it was less interesting. It feels like the environments are a bit more samey, the assignments less interesting (and in single player focused on you attacking rather than defending) and the setting less defined.

Final Thoughts

Multiplayer FPS games are a mixed batch for me. Some have sort of grabbed me, but it rarely works that well and I have rarely stuck with one. Something like Overwatch or Team Fortress is possibly closer to my tastes, while the realistic shooters have never really grabbed me. This is no exception, and has been less appealing than the previous game in the series. Two more to go…

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