#665 Tower Bloxx

Posted: 8th September 2017 by Jeroen in Games
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631st played so far

Genre: Puzzle/Strategy
Platform: Internet
Year of Release: 2005
Developer: Digital Chocolate

Despite being available online, this game has also been sitting on my phone for about six years now. I’ve been waiting to play it until now, until I felt ready to play it – I kept not wanting to get too far into the puzzle and strategy genres, which I enjoy so much and am (almost happily) starting to fall behind on. At least now I get to try it – and risk one less game falling off the internet.

Our Thoughts

Tower Bloxx has you build a city by building giant towers, created by stacking blocks. The challenge is to release the swinging floors on time, so you get a fairly straight tower. Sure, they aren’t stable at all, but the wobbliness is a part of it.

The core game is this stacking game, building a giant tower without it falling off, but in the main game, this combines with a placement mini game. You unlock different colour towers as you build more of the city, and higher level towers are required to be surrounded by different other colours. It’s not the most complex puzzle, but it adds some variety and forces you to work with the different options.

None of this is too complicated, but it’s fun to play around with. I got bored around the third block, which was enough to stop, but it mostly seemed to entail a few more unlocks and areas. That’s probably the main problem I had – there’s no real longevity to it.

Final Thoughts

This game looks fun and there’s some interesting challenges in it. In small doses it’s pretty good, but it feels like it doesn’t hold up as something to play for longer. It’s fine where it is, but I’m not sure I see myself playing it more often.