#638 Animal Crossing: Wild World

Posted: 13th December 2017 by Jeroen in Games
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655th played so far

Genre: Life Simulation
Platform: DS
Year of Release: 2005
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo

So we’ve reached our second jump into the world of Animal Crossing, after playing the first game. In the mean time, we have also played Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the series’ 3DS entry, and so Wild World lands at the middle point between these two experiences.

Our Thoughts

For Wild World, I must admit I struggle with what to use as my reference point. Compared to the original game, plenty of things seem to have changed, but New Leaf is my real Animal Crossing touchstone, the one I played most, and it has more to it than Wild World, absorbing all its new features and adding its own. It’s trickier for it to compare.

On its own, the game is its charming self, building a house under dubious circumstances while decorating, helping out characters and living out your life. It sounds a bit more boring and sure, it’s not a high action game, but there’s something quite relaxing about it, an extra place that becomes your home, celebrates your birthday and so on.

There are some nice distractions while you do so, though – fishing, buying and selling, collecting and decorating. It sustains play and gives you a reason to come back each day while not forcing too much of an investment. The game adds a bunch of these, and streamlines some from the first game, but it really is down to some incremental improvements.

Final Thoughts

The Animal Crossing is ideal for handhelds, really, a game to immerse yourself in for bits at a time, without requiring a big commitment. It works out well here, with plenty to do without ever being overwhelming. It’s a fun diversion, in a second life, and now set on a platform that’s great for it.