#735 Virtua Fighter 5

Posted: 26th December 2017 by Jeroen in Games
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658th played so far

Genre: Fighting
Platform: Arcade/Playstation 3/Xbox 360
Year of Release: 2006
Developer: Sega AM2
Publisher: Sega

The Virtua Fighter series, as we saw with the first game, is a series that, for me, still feels like it introduced 3D fighting and created far more open arenas.

Quite some time on, we’re now at the fifth iteration – the most recent, but in true fighting game style, often adjusted. With it having been around for over a decade, redone a few times, I hope it will hold in comparions to the others.

Our Thoughts

Virtua Fighter 5 was a good fighter. It feels slower paced than other fighters, but that works because the game feels more deliberate. It’s been a good way to get into the fighter anyway, and it did for me – I got into the quest single player mode and while it certainly didn’t have a deep story, it was a nice way to interact with the fights in what felt like lower stakes than most other vs AI modes – it doesn’t have to be difficult if you get loads of fights.

The fights themselves are really enjoyable. The environments are varied and make a difference in the fight. Most importantly, there are a bunch of effects in them that make them more visually interesting and include more. There is still a limited area to fight in – ending out of the ring, where you can, does cause a loss (something I believe isn’t in earlier games – I recall moving around a lot before).

Final Thoughts

Virtua Fighter 5 was a fun, strong fighter that was easier to keep up with than most. I didn’t find as decent a story mode, but the quest mode did provide with a better, interesting way of exploring the fights. It’s probably not as good when you’re more experienced, but for me it really worked.