#277 Killer Instinct

Posted: 2nd January 2018 by Jeroen in Games
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660th played so far

Genre: Fighting
Platform: Arcade/SNES
Year of Release: 1994
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Midway/Rare/Nintendo

While I had the Rare Replay disc out, this came up, so it felt like a good game to pick up next. I’ve had a couple of Killer something fighting and shooting games on the list.

Of course a lot of the research I went for shows the new game, so I can’t say I feel quite as prepared, but we need to see where it leads.

Our Thoughts

Considering the age of this game, I felt it looked very good. The graphics worked well, seemed very natural and it was quite pleasant to look at. And I lead with that because I have to start somewhere.

I felt that Killer Instinct was a bit too difficult, at least for a game to play at home. Orchid was the first fighter I went against – you do as most characters – and I didn’t really beat them, I mostly got to fight others by switching to her and others who didn’t have her first. It’s a real shame – possibly an arcade holdover, but on this disc I didn’t have the difficulty adjustment options other games allow for.

I understand that there are combos that will help, I couldn’t learn any of them and didn’t see any in the documentation. Range also made a big difference, and I guess one where I lost a lot – if you can lock people in at a distance, you have a far easier time.

Final Thoughts

I can see where this game is good and how it would fit in, but after Virtua Fighter, this doesn’t provide anything special. There are some copycat feature – Mortal Kombat would have provided some inspiration there -and the game looks fine, but I didn’t really see anything that really felt special to me.