#961 Rolando 2

Posted: 31st March 2018 by Jeroen in Games
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682nd played so far

Genre: Adventure/Puzzle
Platform: Iphone
Year of Release: 2009
Developer: HandCircus
Publisher: ngmoco

So here was a bit of a challenge – similar to our ngage worries for Reset Generation, a number of iOS games are no longer available on new devices as they do not have 64 bit builds. A few, like Pac-Man Championship Edition and Critter Crunch have made it over to other platforms, but we’ve found another few (four, in fact) that are no longer available on the app store and won’t play on modern phones or OSes.

Rolando 2 is the reason we checked in the first place, and so the first game we’ll play. It’s a puzzle game involving a lot of rolling…

Our Thoughts

… And that’s really where it starts. Rolandos are these creatures that roll around the screen as you tilt your tablet or phone. You use that to travel around different levels, making your way to the end, solving puzzles and defeating the enemies that stand in the way. You have a minimum number that needs to make it to the end and while that may sound like Lemmings, this game feels a lot more active. There is a bunch of bouncing around as you roll around the level, with a bunch of active events in certain areas and a bunch of enemies to defeat.

It gets a bit clunky in places, where the way you control the game can also feel a bit sluggish. As a concept, however, it’s really good and surprisingly flexible in the different levels the system supports.

Final Thoughts

Rolando 2 is a fun puzzle game that threads its levels together with a nice adventure story, mostly framing what’s going on on a map, but it works to build a colourful world that extends further than most mobile puzzle games do these days.