#996 Bioshock 2

Posted: 17th October 2018 by Jeroen in Games
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732nd played so far

Genre: First Person Shooter
Platform: PC/Playstation 3/Xbox 360
Year of Release: 2010
Developer: 2K Marin
Publisher: 2K Games

After Need for Speed: Most Wanted, I need a more reliable game today. I remember the original Bioshock really fondly and enjoyed its inspiration System Shock 2 when we got to playing it.. I think I’ve intentionally held off on playing the sequel because I just can’t be sure how it will be. I still believe it’ll be a good game though, so I think that’s what I really need today. Time to return to Rapture, I guess, or some version of it.

Our Thoughts

Bioshock 2 did not disappoint. There is something weirdly attractive about this world, even if it’s in a museum/theme park with animatronic rides that explain the philosophy behind Rapture. There are still the small stories that tell you more about the world and why things are the way they are. It feels like they more immediately comment on Ryan and his way of running Rapture and the downsides, as the story appears to be more about the other factions that started to change it. There’s a bit less going on in the moment – the area feels quite static, possibly not helped by more respawning than I remember from the previous game – but the areas still tell a story of their own.

Then again, your story is more immediately obvious than in the first game. You know you’re a Big Daddy pretty much from the start, the little sister you’re supporting being lost in Rapture where you need to chase after her. She’s a constant presence, still, through the things she left in the levels, and while your appearance never seems to have mattered to as many people that you meet, interacting with the other little sisters just feels different.

Since you’re this lumbering semi-robot thing (I don’t know what Bioshock lore describes you as), traversal between areas relies on some underwater levels as well. That might sound silly, but it’s a lovely break from all the action, looking nice as sea creatures flow around you and you see these large buildings flow around. In the original, these outside areas were just window dressing, but here they are part of the world.

The RPG elements of the game seem to work better than in the first game. Unlocks come earlier and more quickly, and while not as many or required to progress, or even find secrets (the game implies you can’t always backtrack), a lot more options are available sooner as shops unlock sooner too. It feels pretty good to have the option to get stronger sooner and the upgrades are incredibly useful. You’re still looking for slots, but not as badly as in the first game.

Final Thoughts

Bioshock 2 lived up to the hype, giving a twist on the world and system that’s different enough from the first game, but fits into the same mold. I really enjoyed getting back into its world and I’m looking forward to the last entry that’s on the list, when I get to play in three years, but I should get back to it sooner than that.

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