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Genre: Sports
Platform: SNES
Year of Release: 1994
Developer: Nintendo R&D3/Locomotive Corporation
Publisher: Nintendo

When I played the Wii version of Punch-Out, it was more or less a remake of the original NES game – or at least inspired enough by it. The SNES sequel of the original NES game, on the other hand, was one of the games recently added to the SNES Switch Online games and – well – that’s one of the consoles we have that I haven’t played a game on yet for this blog, so this seemed like something worth doing now.

Our Thoughts

At its most basic, Super Punch-Out!! works the same as the Wii game. You face a boxing enemy and need to memorize its patterns so you know when and how to attack and when to block. It’s a pretty standard set up – more of a sports pattern recognition game than the back and forth of most fighting games. It’s interesting, with some fun, Nintendo-appropriate graphics and gags. It’s also hard – Nintendo hard, as they say – and your timing needs to be (it feels) impeccable.

The delight, then, is in the variety of enemies. Yeah, of course each one requires you to learn something completely new, but there’s also the fun of discovering them, seeing their quirks and mini-stories. Even with the limited graphics, the personality from the other game is still there.

I just wish I was better at it.