50 Game Round Up: 901-950 (Jeroen)

Posted: 24th April 2021 by Jeroen in Round-Up

Here we are again – my nineteenth round up of the bunch. I’m at a weird place with the list now – this is the last one that’ll be covering fifty games. I’ve got some ideas for the end, but no matter what it won’t be a set of fifty again. I’ll discuss my plans for the end when we’re close to it (around the 998th game or so), but until then it’s the run to the end. It’s a weird thought already that I’m close to finishing and as I’m writing this I’ve updated my spreadsheets so I get some idea of when I’ll finish and how fast I need to keep playing to finish on time.

So there is one thing I can announce: Unless I messed up my calculation I’ll finish the list on the blog’s 11th birthday, November 22nd this year. It gives me about seven more months left to play, and I’ve already sped up to posting every three days rather than four.

For once, it is the beginning of the end.

Best Game I Had Not Previously Played

I’ve had a bunch of good games in this batch too. Looking through it, Final Fantasy Tactics A2 really improved on the formula and put it in a system that really worked for me, even if there were some time mechanism that felt useful. Even so, it’s still behind on other games in the series. Shadowrun was a really enjoyable game too, even if its age did work against it.

Even so, the trains found the way to my heart – The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks may not be universally loved, but I found it charming,  interesting, and an addition to the Zelda universe that really worked for me.

Worst Game

One of the upsides of the final rush is that the bad games make less of an impact, they’re just another speedbump as I make it to the end. Don’t like it? Move on, I’ll just get back to the good ones later. Take, say, Out Zone. It has some interesting mechanics, but is mostly just a shooter, but I can just remember the good bits while forgetting what didn’t work well.

And then there’s Samurai Shodown II, which didn’t just fail to make an impact, but it doesn’t do anything that I found interesting about it. It wasn’t an interesting fighter, it was done better before, and after, and it just didn’t have anything.

Most Surprising Game

What moves on from there is that some games really leave an impact beyond what I’ve been expecting, still standing out. With Everybody’s Golf 5: World Tour, we got a golf game that felt better than any other. Hotline Miami‘s brutality and weirdness of story also made an impact that I still feel.

But with Crazy Taxi 3, I got so enthusiastic about it that I wrote out the entry mostly in its loading times because there was so much in there that I wanted to write about. I was expecting a fine driving game, but the style and feel worked so much better than I would have thought.

Biggest Disappointment

I also look forward to games now – in fact, I’ve left some big games I’m really looking forward to to be played at the end to keep it fun. For these fifty, I may have done this more than I should, but some of them also didn’t pay off. Mafia: City of Lost Heaven felt like such a disappointment once I got used to Grand Theft Auto IV and it never really got together.

More so, though, I was looking for a fun adventure game in Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure and, to be honest, it wasn’t in there. There’s a decent game there, but I felt deceived by everything pointing to a game not being that. It’s partially an external thing here, but the game still didn’t entirely get there.

Best Blast From The Past

I’ve been playing all the games I’d played before over a year ago, but while I skipped it last time I have something to add here today. After all, I didn’t finish my blog playthrough of Patapon and came back to it a few years later, which sort of feels like a compromise like that.

But then there’s Descent, a game that I never played myself, but have seen friends play often enough that I am that familiar with it. And as clunky and old fashioned as it might be, there is a gem in here that I worry might have disappeared with further polish. It’s from its time, but that’s what seems to work for it.

Games We Kept Playing

I know we had this category, but at this point I’m so focused on finishing the list and surviving the mess that is 2020 that I’ve stuck to games that make me feel comfortable. At the same time, with this list growing older I’m looking at newer games.

Well, that and I want to finish Baldur’s Gate II one last time before Baldur’s Gate III is released (assuming that last one is one I care about)