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966th played so far Genre: Fighting Platform: Playstation 3/Xbox 360 Year of Release: 2008 Developer: Project Soul Publisher: Namco Bandai Game I had a bit of a discussion on what fighting game to leave until last, and between SoulCalibur and Street Fighter, the latter seemed more appropriate – even more when you consider our first […]

#560 Ninja Five-O

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776th played so far Genre: Action Platform: Game Boy Advance Year of Release: 2003 Developer: Hudson Soft Publisher: Konami Sometimes, you know, I’m just checking boxes. Ninja Five-O is another 2D action platformer, although released a decade or two after they were popular. Still have to play it, we’ll see what’s in there. Our Thoughts […]

#648 Garry’s Mod

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742nd played so far Genre: Role-Playing Platform: PC Year of Release: 2005 Developer: Facepunch Studios Publisher: Valve Corporation Garry’s Mod, taken on its own, isn’t strictly a game. It’s a physics sandbox to either mess around in (which you could call a game, but without goals) or to play the maps, game modes and props […]

#118 Dragon Quest

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707th played so far Genre: Role-Playing Platform: NES Year of Release: 1986 Developer: Chunsoft Publisher: Enix/Nintendo The Dragon Quest series (known as Dragon Warrior in its early English installments, but we’ll go by the proper name here) has three entries on the list – none of which I have played so far. In fact, I […]

#437 Elasto Mania

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706th played so far Genre: Simulation Platform: PC Year of Release: 2000 Developer: Balazs Rozsa Publisher: Balazs Rozsa Sometimes, an indie physics simulation is what you need to play. The screenshots of Elasto Mania – a motor cycle racing game with early 2000s simple graphics never quite sat with the memory of a game description […]

697th played so far Genre: Action/Strategy Platform: Various Year of Release: 1984 Developer: First Star Software Publisher: Beyond Software/Tynesoft/Wicked Software/Kemco I remember playing Spy vs Spy with friends about… 20 years ago maybe? Probably a few more than that, but probably about a decade after its first release. I only remember bits of it, but […]

50 Game Round Up: 551-600 (Jeroen)

Posted: 9th May 2017 by Jeroen in Uncategorized

After a rather exciting fifty that featured us making it halfway through the list, these fifty were a lot more basic. At this point, we’re happily coasting along, trying to smooth out any genre outliers (I like having a nice mix) and doing some catching up. There have been some pretty exciting games as well […]

50 Game Round Up: 501-550 (Jeroen)

Posted: 20th October 2016 by Jeroen in Uncategorized

Another fifty gone – the one where we crossed the halfway point and started moving down the hill – it makes the project seem more attainable now. We also did the one game that felt impossible for a long time – another milestone met. Just another five years to go! Best Game I Had Not […]

Short Break

Posted: 10th October 2015 by Jeroen in Uncategorized

Thank you all for reading! Because of a bunch of good news happy things, we’ll not be near any laptops or other blog updating machines for a good part of the month and we’ll be focusing on other matters. As you are reading this, for example, we might well be cutting a cake. To minimize […]

#14 Missile Command

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352nd played so far Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up Platform: Arcade Year of Release: 1980 Developer: Atari Publisher: Atari Oldie time! The very plain and boring reason we’re playing this today is that we were going through the book, updating our checks on games we’ve covered, and we accidentally went one too far and checked Missile […]