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#643 Fahrenheit

Posted: 4th February 2021 by Jeroen in Games
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928th played so far Genre: Adventure Platform: Xbox/PC/Playstation 2 Year of Release: 2005 Developer: Quantic Dream Publisher: Atari Inc Fahrenheit or Indigo Prophecy is another game in video game auteur David Cage’s list of works, which would be followed by Heavy Rain and a bunch of non-list games that are similarly acclaimed. Now, with the […]

613th played so far Genre: Platform Platform: Xbox 360/PSP/DS Year of Release: 2008 Developer: Metanet Software/Slick Entertainment/Silverbirch Studios Publisher: Metanet Software/Atari Inc Did you know that N+ is utterly ungoogleable? I don’t think I need to explain why, but it’s frustrating when I want to write these small bits. N+ is a platformer, stylized, with […]

#7 Adventure

Posted: 10th April 2014 by Jeroen in Games
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321st played so far Genre: Adventure Platform: VCS Year of Release: 1979 Developer: Atari Inc. Publisher: Atari Inc. I was actually already sort-of planning to follow Peter’s suggestion from Gradius, coming back to play games in order at least some of the time. The next game in order is Adventure, the first adventure game (and […]