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Genre: Action/Shoot ‘Em Up
Platform: PSP/Playstation 2
Year of Release: 2007
Developer: High Impact Games
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Back to Ratchet & Clank! A latecomer to the 3D animal platformers, it stood out as a very good example on it, with a bigger focus on collecting things and upgrading weapons by buying them using bolts.

Size Matters is the PSP (and a year later PS2) edition of the game. Beyond that, and some not immediately major-seeming gameplay differences, it’s a new set of levels and new gameplay!

Our Thoughts

Size Matters was fun. It starts off a bit more difficult than you’d otherwise expect, with me dying early on, but that’s part of getting used to the controls as well. I played for an hour or two, until the walls became too annoying to learn, and managed to get absorbed in the mean time.

The different weapon options that are still present constantly give you something to work towards, with death allowing you to keep your accumulated bolts (the game’s currency) and so death often giving you a second chance and a shot at a bit more power as you do so.

 With the large amount of moves available, several enemies having their own little thing, it’s highly playable, even if a tad difficult at times (which is what got me in the end).

Final Thoughts

The game is a decent action platformer, with a major focus on shooting and fighting. I struggled with the difficulty curve a bit, but I’m hoping coming back to it will be great.

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