#496 Battlefield 1942

Posted: 23rd January 2017 by Jeroen in Games
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574th played so far


Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platform: PC
Year of Release: 2002
Developer: Digital Illusions
Publisher: Electronic Arts

There are four games on this list that are from the Battlefield franchise, with this one being the oldest. It’s another franchise of military shooters – the Call of Duty series coming from the same lineage. Not that that feels like a good thing to me.

Our Thoughts

Playing this single player, as I usually do, I’m not sure why that mode was really in the game. The game is very multiplayer focused, with the singleplayer ‘campaign’ just consisting of a multiplayer map where you take one side and work alongside bots through scenarios and the like. It makes for some compelling shooting, but not much of a story.

It was a fun experience. I was fully aware that I wasn’t getting the full experience, but there were some interesting challenges. The first map was the most boring – just an equal three bases vs three bases, try to conquer more of them sort of thing. Because it was a mirrored setup, it was pretty simple. Later maps changed that, leading to more interesting situations. For example, one required you to march forward and conquer bases the other team was holding, while the third I played had you defending an island while the other team kept coming in. It was still about conquering and keeping bases, but it went more creative to create more interesting situations.

The game looks fine for its age as you do that, a bit dated, as you would expect. It’s functional, really, which works in a way that it directs you to your goals. The levels feel fairly large, done in a way that makes you actually feel the scope. It feels to revel in it sometimes, not needing to hide transitions through corridors or similar. It’s a pretty decent and fun setup.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think I really got the Battlefield experience. Not in a way that would let me seek it out again, but in a way where I could just blast things and have fun running around. The sort of release you often say you get out of an FPS. Good for a few hours really.

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