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Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up
Platform: Sega Saturn
Year of Release: 1998
Developer: Treasure
Publisher: Entertainment Software Publishing/Sega

I feel like I’ve been running into a lot of Treasure’s games lately. Silhouette Mirage was a recent action platformer, but with Radiant Silvergun we follow the trend of Sin and Punishment and Gradius V in covering bullet hell shooters instead. Since it’s probably their strand of game that I enjoy more, that’s probably a good thing here.

ย Our Thoughts

I have to say that these manic shooters reached a decent place of being readable versus looking good at this point in time, with Radiant Silvergun really looking quite nice but retaining that readability, with the real background a bit blurry and what you need to look at being focused enough.

Even so, the game does tend to get overwhelming quite quickly, as you get attacked from all sides and it became hard enough for me to keep up with all of them. It’s a good thing that the game starts you off with a set of guns from the start, as it gives you a better tool to deal with enemies, especially as they’re not always right in front of you. The game’s guns really are one of its credits and the game really encourages you to make the most of them from the start, which is really nice.

Final Thoughts

As many other top down shooters, Radiant Silvergun is a pretty nice looking game that becomes manic really quickly. This isn’t a game that you can rush through, but it feels like for its genre, the difficulty is justified, as long as you’re willing to take that manic challenge.