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#406 Freespace 2

Posted: 8th September 2021 by Jeroen in Games
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996th played so far Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up Platform: PC Year of Release: 1999 Developer: Volition Publisher: Interplay Entertainment I covered Descent a little while ago as an odd blast from the past. That game got a couple of sequels until we got Descent: Freespace, which started to take place in an open space rather […]

982nd played so far Genre: Action/Strategy Platform: PC Year of Release: 2000 Developer: Shiny Entertainment Publisher: Interplay Entertainment/MacPlay My mind has always mixed Sacrifice with Sacred, an isometric RPG also set in a fantasy world. What it actually is, is another strategy game where you’re in the action, like with Battalion Wars and Herzog Zwei, […]

806th played so far Genre: Driving Platform: PC Year of Release: 1998 Developer: Stainless Games Publisher: Sales Curve Interactive/Interplay Entertainment Carmageddon is one of those games that felt like a transition to adulthood for me. While we weren’t allowed to play – the violence and indulge in dark humour were too much for our parents […]

469th played so far Genre: Puzzle/Platform Platform: Various Year of Release: 1992 Developer: Silicon & Synapse Publisher: Interplay Entertainment Grand Theft Auto, one of the biggest series in gaming, was created by a company that previously created the charming puzzler Lemmings. Blizzard, creator of juggernauts like World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft, have had a […]

466th played so far Genre: Strategy/Shoot ‘Em Up Platform: PC Year of Release: 2000 Developer: Planet Moon Studios Publisher: Interplay Entertainment A game combining strategy and shoot ’em up strategies sounds like it could be pretty fun – although it might not be high up on my list now, Magic Carpet 2 was pretty enjoyable. […]

255th played so far Genre: Action/Role Playing Platform: PlayStation 2/Gamecube/XBox Year of Release: 2001 Developer: Snowblind Studios Publisher: Interplay Entertainment Now for something interesting. We all know I love Baldur’s Gate II – so surely I must enjoy the more actionny spin-off? Well, all it shares is the name and vague setting, beyond that there’s […]

#342 Fallout

Posted: 27th June 2013 by Jeroen in Games
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250th played so far Genre: Role-playing Platform: PC Year of Release: 1997 Developer: Interplay Entertainment Publisher: Interplay Entertainment Yes! Yes yes yes! We’re finally here! With this entry, we’ve reached 250 games, having covered one in four (game 1001 doesn’t count. We can write up Minesweeper from memory. Or another game like that. Maybe Reset […]