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982nd played so far Genre: Action/Strategy Platform: PC Year of Release: 2000 Developer: Shiny Entertainment Publisher: Interplay Entertainment/MacPlay My mind has always mixed Sacrifice with Sacred, an isometric RPG also set in a fantasy world. What it actually is, is another strategy game where you’re in the action, like with Battalion Wars and Herzog Zwei, […]

#349 MDK

Posted: 17th August 2019 by Jeroen in Games
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807th played so far Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up Platform: PC Year of Release: 1997 Developer: Shiny Entertainment Publisher: Shiny Entertainment/Playmates Interactive I’ve sort of played MDK before – it wasn’t loads, and mostly dropping into other people’s games rather than playing a full campaign on my own. The sequel stands out as being an early […]

61st game played so far Genre: Platform/Shoot ’em Up Platform: Mega Drive Year of Release: 1994 Developer: Shiny Entertainment Publisher: Playmates Interactive Entertainment/Virgin Interactive Despite how big it must have been in some points, Earthworm Jim seems to have only slightly hit my life, bypassing me most of the time.ย  There was a cartoon series […]