50 Game Round Up: 1-50 (Jeroen)

Posted: 3rd May 2011 by Jeroen in Round-Up

Peter has already, earlier, given a summary of what this post is for, so I’ll put in a bit of a personal reflection.

When I first had the idea, this seemed like a way to spend some time and play some fun new games. I’m not sure whether we would actually play all of them, or whether we would any time soon, but it does feel like we’re getting somewhere – not far enough for any remarkable insight, but far enough to say I’ve added an interesting mix of games to the list of games I have played, some we wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

Best Game I Had Not Previously Played

I mean, we could include the games we played before, but that would likely be less interesting. More interesting is what cool new games have been added to our gaming library?

I think I’ll have to go for Viva Piñata, the fun game where colourful animal walk around your garden as you build it up and keep the evil enemies away. Its colourful, fun environments make for a lovely game with enough depth to make it more than easy to play but not too much to make it too difficult – in the end you can focus on raising your animals, although fighting evil guys, selling stuff and so on are all other goals in this game.

Worst Game

I’m tempted to repeat Peter here, but that’d be weak, so I’ll go for another – possibly more controversial.

Wii Fit is going to be my pick here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good way to exercise, and it’s fun to doso. However, it’s not really a game, it doesn’t feel like one. The goal is exercise, not entertainment, and it shows. You wouldn’t turn on your Wii on a lazy Sunday afternoon for some Wii Fit, and that makes me call this the worst game. Because it doesn’t really feel like one.

Most Surprising Game

Having already seen Uplink covered, I’ll go for something else. Snowboarding is not a sport I know much about. A game where you use one to go down a mountain… meh, sure, could be a good sports game, I suppose. SSX Tricky, however, is more than that, and with its many options, good action and many options, it’s very fun. Certainly more worth playing than I expected.

Games We Want To Get Back To

There’s a couple of games we’ve played that I’ll certainly go back to – in part because I know I loved them from before. Obvious is number 50 – Baldur’s Gate II –  or my favourite game – and in a similar vein Planescape: Torment. There’s other games I’ve played before – Lego Star Wars, Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario RPG being examples of this.

Those are games I already knew, however. There’s more I’d like to try that sort of qualify, homourable mentions in a way, that I’d like to mention. These are DJ Hero (surprisingly good) and the three Final Fantasy games (VII, VIII and IX), where I have an honest interest in actually playing the series further.

The game I’ve not played before that I’m looking forward to again is from that other genre I like to play, simulations. It’s The Movies, the lovely interactive way to make movies and become the studio exec all of us want to make money as. It’s fun, complex, and ticks all those boxes for me. It’s a good game, that’s what it is.

With that said, there’s still 951 games waiting for us (with the next four already lined up for us), so a lot will still change. It’s certainly been a good start, I hope the future games all hold up.