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#496 Battlefield 1942

Posted: 23rd January 2017 by Jeroen in Games
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574th played so far Genre: First-Person Shooter Platform: PC Year of Release: 2002 Developer: Digital Illusions Publisher: Electronic Arts There are four games on this list that are from the Battlefield franchise, with this one being the oldest. It’s another franchise of military shooters – the Call of Duty series coming from the same lineage. […]

527th played so far Genre: Life Simulation/Strategy Platform: PC Year of Release: 2001 Developer: Lionhead Studios Publisher: Electronic Arts Black & White isn’t a game we’re going into blindly. We’ve both played – I don’t think I ever finished it, but I always enjoyed playing the game a lot. Black & White is a god […]

504th played so far Genre: Survival Horror/Shoot ‘Em Up Platform: Wii Year of Release: 2009 Developer: Visceral Games Publisher: Electronic Arts I remember enjoying Dead Space. It’s not a favourite, the genres the game consists of made sure of that, but it managed to strike the right balance of scares, tension and proper action. With […]

#55 M.U.L.E.

Posted: 9th February 2016 by Jeroen in Games
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487th played so far Genre: Strategy Platform: Various Year of Release: 1983 Developer: Ozark Softscape Publisher: Electronic Arts After going on about how Exile (and other games) unnecessarily apply arcade-level coin gobbling difficulty to home games, it’s nice to shift gears to a game that won’t. While the arcade route is probably the biggest for […]

#173 Populous

Posted: 4th January 2016 by Jeroen in Games
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478th played so far Genre: Strategy Platform: Various Year of Release: 1989 Developer: Bullfrog Publisher: Electronic Arts Some time ago, when it was newer, I really enjoyed Populous: The Beginning, a strategy/simulation game with a focus on you being a deity. That game left you more in charge of a shaman honouring a god, while […]

#753 Crysis

Posted: 23rd December 2015 by Jeroen in Games
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475th played so far Genre: First Person Shooter Platform: PC Year of Release: 2007 Developer: Crytek Frankfurt Publisher: Electronic Arts I’ll be honest, I don’t have that much affinity with Crysis. I’ve obviously seen it on lists before and come across it, but it never really struck a chord with me. Reading about it, it […]

438th played so far Genre: Role-Playing Platform: PC/Playstation 3/XBox 360 Year of Release: 2009 Developer: Bioware Publisher: Electronic Arts Ah, Dragon Age! The last Bioware game on the list. We went pretty fast through their list of games… Yeah, I really just wanted to play them, that’s the entire reason. Dragon Age is Bioware’s new […]

427th played so far Genre: Shoot Em Up Platform: Various Year of Release: 1992 Developer: Electronic Arts Publisher: Electronic Arts The weirdness of playing these games is how it shows our gaming options have changed over the years. Shoot Em Ups now feel like they take some effort – they don’t usually hit the right […]

400th played so far Genre: Management Simulation Platform: Various Year of Release: 1994 Developer: Bullfrog Productions Publisher: Electronic Arts Oh Theme Park, how we’ve been looking forward to playing this. I remember playing this at a cousin’s place and being so impressed with it I wanted to see more. Because I had no other real […]

389th played so farGenre: Strategy Platform: Various Year of Release: 1995 Developer: Westwood Studios Publisher: Virgin Interactive, Sega, Nintendo, Electronic Arts Woo, Command & Conquer! Taking the gameplay found in Dune II, which turned out to be fun, Westwood continued to create another game like it, but now not using a licensed property. One of […]