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#699 Exit 2

Posted: 22nd June 2019 by Jeroen in Games
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793rd played so far Genre: Puzzle/Action Platform: PSP Year of Release: 2006 Developer: Taito Corporation Publisher: Taito Corporation There’s an interesting subgenre of puzzle games which are escape rooms – a room you’re locked in, that requires puzzles to be solved to get out. It’s something I want to play around more with, as they’re […]

#701 Fight Night Round 3

Posted: 18th June 2019 by Jeroen in Games
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792nd played so far Genre: Fighting Platform: Xbox 360 Year of Release: 2006 Developer: EA Chicago Publisher: EA Sports Oh man. I’ve never really gotten into fighting sports either, and while they’re okay games, the franchise based stuff doesn’t work as well for me – like sports, they can try to be too accurate, rely […]

#583 Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

Posted: 14th June 2019 by Jeroen in Games
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791st played so far Genre: Platform Platform: Gamecube Year of Release: 2004 Developer: Nintendo EAD Tokyo Publisher: Nintendo Donkey Konga gave the world a Donkey Kong-themed music game using a custom bongo controller. Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat took those same controllers, but turned it into a platformer. An actual platformer, not a rhythm game skinned […]

790th played so far Genre: Action Platform: Playstation 2 Year of Release: 2003 Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Japan Publisher: Konami While we msotly know Hideo Kojima for the Metal Gear Solid series, while reading up when preparing for this entry I saw that he was also involved in the creation of the Zone of the […]

789th played so far Genre: Action/Adventure Platform: Playstation 3 Year of Release: 2011 Developer: Naughty Dog Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment We’ve already played two Uncharted games. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was quite fun, but had some issues with the fighting. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was a lot better – solving part of that problem and leading […]

788th played so far Genre: Action/Adventure Platform: Xbox 360 Year of Release: 2009 Developer: Chair Entertainment/Epic Games Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios At the point when this game was released, it felt like the Metroidvania (Metroid and Castlevania, referring to their large worlds with backtracking to find all the secrets as you unlock more powers). They’ve […]