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857th played so far Genre: Strategy/Role-Playing Platform: PC Year of Release: 2009 Developer: Relic Entertainment Publisher: THQ The first Dawn of War game hit a strategy spot, focusing on smaller squads that are easier to follow and keep track of. The world was as engaging as I’d expect and while base building was a thing, […]

#439 Grandia II

Posted: 28th March 2020 by Jeroen in Games
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856th played so far Genre: Role-Playing Platform: Dreamcast/Playstation 2/PC Year of Release: 2000 Developer: Game Arts Publisher: Game Arts/Enix/Ubisoft Every once in a while, I end up with a chance to sink a decent amount of time in a bigger game, and I’d been saving Grandia II for one of those games. It came from […]

#144 Gemini Wing

Posted: 24th March 2020 by Jeroen in Games
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855th played so far Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up Platform: Arcade Year of Release: 1987 Developer: Tecmo Publisher: Tecmo We have covered well over 100 shooters right now. From the outside, this looks like one of many sidescrollers that time hasn’t been kind too – probably with its own unique features, but nothing is jumping out […]

#182 G-Loc: Air Battle (R-360)

Posted: 20th March 2020 by Jeroen in Games
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854th played so far Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up Platform: Arcade Year of Release: 1990 Developer: Sega AM 2 Publisher: Sega For today’s shoot ’em up, we get a flight simulator-like plane dog fighting game. Rather than the focus on accuracy of the former, getting the shooting in is more important – it looks like a […]

853rd played so far Genre: First-Person Shooter Platform: PC Year of Release: 2002 Developer: 2015, Inc. Publisher: Electronic Arts It feels like the Medal of Honor series is another military shooter similar to the Call of Duty series – you’re a soldier, you go out and attack places, guard them or similar and go through […]

#681 X3: Reunion

Posted: 12th March 2020 by Jeroen in Games
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852nd played so far Genre: Simulation Platform: PC Year of Release: 2005 Developer: Egosoft Publisher: Deep Silver/Enlight While the Elite games define a genre, others take after them too. X3: Reunion is one of them. The third part of the story – the fourth being released less than two years ago – it seems to […]

#103 Trinity

Posted: 8th March 2020 by Jeroen in Games
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851st played so far Genre: Interactive Fiction Platform: Various Year of Release: 1985 Developer: Infocom Publisher: Infocom After we started the previous fifty with one Infocom adventure, A Mind Forever Voyaging, which I loved, I got to play another one from the list. It left me with Trinity, which is more focused on puzzles, though with […]

850th played so far Genre: Action/Adventure Platform: DS Year of Release: 2007 Developer: Nintendo EAD Publisher: Nintendo Somehow, I managed to end up behind on Legend of Zelda games and have three more to go in about 150 games – yeah, with 850 we’re at a clear landmark and it feels good to play a […]

#912 Dissidia Final Fantasy

Posted: 29th February 2020 by Jeroen in Games
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849th played so far Genre: Role-Playing/Fighting Platform: Playstation Portable Year of Release: 2009 Developer: Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix We still have a couple of Final Fantasy games to play – although there’s only one more numbered installment on the list, there are several spin offs to play. Dissidia Final Fantasy mixes a fighting game […]

848th played so far Genre: Platform Platform: Playstation 1 Year of Release: 1999 Developer: SCE Japan Studio Publisher: Sony Computer More monkeys? Super Monkey Ball wasn’t enough, so I’m going to go for Ape Escape, which feature more cute looking primates. We’re chasing them rather than freeing them, but the theme continues. Our Thoughts Ape […]