#354 Snake

Posted: 16th March 2016 by Jeroen in Games
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Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Various
Year of Release: 1997
Developer: Nokia
Publisher: Nokia

Ah, Snake! Of course, I knew this as Nibbles, the Q-Basic game that came with DOS installations that was similar to the game. It’s Snake, Nokia’s implementation for most of their mobile phones (and others) that really caught people’s attention and is probably the early time waster that led to the many games people play on their phones now.

Our Thoughts

Snake is pretty simple. The graphics are, the controls are. And as a puzzle, there isn’t much to it – just how to avoid getting your tail getting in the way. It then becomes a game of reflexes – can you get the dot right next to the wall, can you fit in to get it and get through just as the tail disappears.

It makes for a pretty fun diversion, but nothing that feels notable – other than getting a fun diversion on a phone that makes for a great game.

Final Thoughts

When there’s a game that emulates Pong with its graphics – the only other game looking as simple that I can think of is One-Dot Enemies – and it works solidly as an addictive game. Worth playing from that perspective, but that’s about it.