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Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platform: PC
Year of Release: 2002
Developer: 2015, Inc.
Publisher: Electronic Arts

It feels like the Medal of Honor series is another military shooter similar to the Call of Duty series – you’re a soldier, you go out and attack places, guard them or similar and go through from there. Beyond that, I’m honestly not sure what sets the series apart.

Our Thoughts

So this was actually released a year before the first Call of Duty game, although I’m not sure it matters as much. One difference is that this still has the feel of an earlier PC shooter, when the systems were created around mouse and keyboard. It means that you get a nice, larger weapon selection that works better for these  controls. It’s refreshing to go back to, for sure.

The game itself is quite challenging, both from its difficulty and because it feels clunky, still. It doesn’t help that the first mission includes an escort section, which is always difficult, but even more when you’re just starting and not dealing with great AI or control over escort. It’s an annoyance.

Considering its age, the game is decent – not looking the best, but nice enough for its age – and despite the difficulty it stays quite playable. The genre evolved for sure, but it started off well here.