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787th played so far Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up/Strategy Platform: PC/Playstation 3/Xbox 360 Year of Release: 2009 Developer: Codemasters Publisher: Codemasters I’m starting to feel more apathetic towards these military shooters. They’re big and popular, but while some Call of Duty games can sort of manage to draw me in, the first iteration of Operation Flashpoint […]

749th played so far Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up Platform: PC Year of Release: 2001 Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studio Publisher: Codemasters According to the book, this is the first soldier FPS – focused on the reality of participating in war rather than the shooter fantasies of, say, Quake (to use a not quite contemporary). More realistic […]

#905 Colin McRae: Dirt 2

Posted: 20th April 2018 by Jeroen in Games
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687th played so far Genre: Racing Platform: Various Year of Release: 2009 Developer: Codemasters Publisher: Codemasters I’ve been enjoying racing games in the past – while loads get frustrating and I always feel unlikely to pick them up myself, I enjoy playing them as long as they go okay. Colin McRae: Dirt was an example […]

#764 Colin McRae: Dirt

Posted: 4th March 2016 by Jeroen in Games
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493th played so far Genre: Racing Platform: PC/Xbox 360/Playstation 3 Year of Release: 2007 Developer: Codemasters Publisher: Codemasters I want to like racing games. They can be impossible to start or difficult to progress in, but when they allow you to drive and do it well, they can feel magnificent. Thanks to family influence, rally […]

343rd played so far Genre: Driving/Racing Platform: Mega Drive Year of Release: 1994 Developer: Supersonic Software Publisher: Codemasters It’s been a while since we played the first Micro Machines. We enjoyed it – a colourful racer that allowed and encouraged you to go off-track, furnished with loads of household items to serve as obstacles and […]

#214 Micro Machines

Posted: 4th May 2011 by Mulholland in Games
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51st game played so far Genre: Racing/Driving Platform: NES Year of Release: 1991 Developer: Codemasters Publisher: Camerica After the marathon that was Baldur’s Gate II it’s time for a quick race to the finish (no pun intended). Based on the very successful Micro Machine toys this game started a very lucrative series where the first […]