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831st played so far Genre: Role-Playing Platform: Playstation 2 Year of Release: 2004 Developer: Level-5 Publisher: Square Enix This week I had some extra time and it only seemed right to invest that in a long, deep game. Dragon Quest VIII seemed like a good pick: Dragon Quest V was a game I enjoyed a […]

#797 The World Ends With You

Posted: 26th February 2019 by Jeroen in Games
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764th played so far Genre: Action/Role-Playing Platform: Nintendo DS Year of Release: 2007 Developer: Square Enix/Jupiter Publisher: Square Enix Square Enix always seems to try to create new RPGs, playing around with the set formulas to see what new things they can create. This happens both in the changes to the Final Fantasy series as […]

693rd played so far Genre: Role-Playing/Life Simulation Platform: Playstation 2 Year of Release: 2008 Developer: Atlus Publisher: Atlus/Square Enix I really enjoyed Persona 3 when I played it some time ago, more than I thought I would, with the life simulation aspects really appealing to me. I’d been holding off for a bit, but the […]

#868 Space Invaders Extreme

Posted: 27th March 2013 by Jeroen in Games
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227th played so far Genre: Action/Shoot ‘Em Up Platform: DS/PSP/XBox 360 Year of Release: 2008 Developer: Taito Publisher: Square Enix Everyone knows Space Invaders, right? It’s a classic, its aliens even adorning the cover of our book. It’s a game that everyone knows and one of the first people will think of when they think […]

#706 Final Fantasy XII

Posted: 28th August 2011 by Mulholland in Games
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80th game played so far Genre: RPG Platform: Playstation 2 Year of Release: 2006 Developer: Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix Final Fantasy XII… in a game that numbers fourteen installments so far, not counting any sidegames, you have to ask yourself what it can offer now. Add to that the side games, and you wonder […]